Creating Holistic Dream Homes One Step At A Time

A home is more than just a four letter word; it is a sanctuary, a homeowner's refuge from day to day chaos. Home is not only defined as the roof over our head, it extends to our planet as well. Here at DesignsofSanctuary we have designed a step by step system that tailors to the sanctuary in each customers' life.

Our vision is to turn every home into an earth friendly, safe environment each owner will love. We plan to reach our goal by providing an affordable business that offers customized designs and non-toxic products to its customers.

“Our comfort zones are essential to our pursuit of greatness. We need a home in which we can reboot, calm our nerves, and get ready for the next adventure out in the unknown. What such a sanctuary looks like to each of us varies greatly.”

  • Jenny Mustard (Author of “Simple Matters”)


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