More Food, Less Waste

Anyone who knows me knows that my number one pet peeve is wasted food. This is a serious issue because food is one of our primary needs for survival and some people cant even afford to buy it for themselves. Just in the USA alone 30-40% of the total net food supply is wasted every year. That's 222 million tons of food. All of this waste is the single highest contribution to landfills around America. Furthermore, animals are being raised simply to be killed for their meat all while the meat isn't even consumed. Although it is impossible to completely wipe out this issue, efforts can be made to drastically diminish it. To bring awareness to the issue I've put together a list of organizations that work towards reducing food waste while simultaneously feeding those in need. 

1. Amp Your Good

2. City Harvest (NYC)

3. 412 Food Rescue (Pittsburgh)

4. Boulder Food Rescue (Boulder, CO)

5. Copia (San Francisco)

6. Forgotten Harvest (Detroit)

7. Iskashitaa Refugee Network (Tucson)

8. Zero Percent (Chicago)

Volunteering for or donating to any one of these organizations is a great way to get involved in the community and helping those around you. If you don't have the time, however, there are still fantastic ways to reduce your own food waste. Click here for a list of 27 ways to lessen the waste within your home. For a more extensive list of organizations fighting food waste visit here.