My 3 Favorite Age Fighting Secrets

Okay lets face it, aging isn't fun for anyone. There are so many celebrities and everyday people out there who spend a ridiculous amount of money on creams, serums, surgeries, and makeup to cover up and/or reduce the age marks on their bodies. I, myself, (at the age of 22) might not need to worry about aging quite yet, however I know my young skin will not last long if I don't take care of it. So how do I preserve it, you may ask? I live by three simple rules; limit UV rays, stress is never free, and an avocado a day keeps the wrinkles away. 

I'll explain them to you below:

1. Limit UV rays

It's common knowledge that the sun and UV rays can be damaging to your skin, but did you know that it's the number one cause of premature aging? I didn't know this until a few years ago. I used to go tanning all of the time when I was a teenager. I would tan outside in the summer time and inside tanning beds during the winter. I tanned so frequently that I wasn't worried about the effects it had on my skin because I was young, and who cares when they're young? Well, come to find out that it had effects on my skin that I hadn't noticed in the first place. Besides the point that it made me look like an orange (yes, I really had a problem), it also had slightly aged my skin on several different part of my body. I stopped tanning altogether when I seen the damage it had done to my body. I use sunscreen while in the sun, avoid sunlight, and spray tan when I'm feeling pale. My favorite sunscreen is the Clinique SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Fluid because its light weight and doesn't clog my pores.

2. Stress is never free

Stress not only causes acne, high blood pressure, and heart disease, it also is a main cause of premature aging. While stress is good for our bodies when responding to dangerous situations, it takes a huge toll on our health if we do not relieve it. This is why I am always reminding myself that stress is never free. Some things I do to relieve stress include daily mediation, exercise, and yoga. 

3. An avocado a day keeps the wrinkles away

Yes, avocados are amazing. Besides the fact that they're ridiculously expensive and annoyingly popular, avocados actually have an extensive list of health benefits. One of those benefits being that they are one of the best foods for skin. Crazy, huh? Avocados contain a wide range of antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins that help fight the free radicals that cause aging. You can apply avocado directly to your skin as a mask or just eat them to prevent winkles from the inside out. I personally make it a goal eat an avocado every day. They make my stomach feel great and keep me full longer. More than likely I'll eat one in the morning with my breakfast because besides its anti-aging properties, is a great source of healthy fats. 

While these are my top favorite ways to fight premature aging, I also moisturize daily, try to not sleep on my side, use coconut oil on my skin, drinking plenty of water, and don't smoke.