A Note on Meditation

Meditation is the practice of silencing the mind and focusing on the self in order to reach a level of inner peace and tranquility. I know some of you may think meditation is only for the religious or maybe even a little odd, but it is something that literally anyone can benefit from no matter what their beliefs or backgrounds are. 

If you haven’t meditated before it’s probably important to know that when you do it for the first time it’ll be a little boring. This is because we are so used to constantly being exposed to stimulus in our daily lives, and when we sit down to focus on nothing but our breath the mind tends to wander even after the first 30 seconds. As a beginner, you should start small with 5 minute intervals and slowly expand the intervals each day. It’ll take a ridiculous amount of concentration, discipline, and practice, but if you stay with it you’ll be glad you did.

The benefits of mediation include things like improved concentration, reduced stress, better health, happiness, increased knowledge of self, cardiovascular or immune health, and slowed aging. When you begin practicing, you’ll start to realize just how cluttered your mind is. It’ll make you pause all of life’s drama and wind down. A friend of mine once told me to live in each moment and to soak up every bit of it. Meditation helps me to slow down and do just that.

I meditate as a way to check in on myself spiritually and to get away from all of life’s stresses. While meditation can happen anywhere at any time, I usually do it in the afternoon, on the weekends, or while I’m stretching after a workout. My favorite apps to use while meditating include the Calm app and the Breathe app. They give me something to listen to while I meditate and help to relax my mind. However, if I don’t have my phone handy I’ll simply practice in silence.

If you do choose to meditate on your own make sure to always do it while sitting in a comfortable place with your torso straight. This allows air to pass freely through your body while you breathe deeply. I recommend to not eat right before meditating as it’s harder to breathe deeply with a full stomach. Finally, it is paramount that you devote time each day to meditation whether it be even for 5 minutes during your lunch break or when you get home from work. Meditation is something that takes dedication if you practice it. Stay consistent, and make time for it because just a few minutes of meditation can change your entire day.