Introducing Alkaline Water

Hey everybody! I know it’s been months since I’ve written (I’m sorry for that, sometimes life gets the best of you), so I wanted to write about a topic that some of you may or may not have heard of... Alkaline water.

I have been drinking alkaline water for about four months now. I first heard about it from my mom, who had been drinking it to increase the low levels of PH in her body. 

In September of 2016 my mom was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer. Upon learning this new information she began to do extensive research about the causes of cancer and what she could do (other than traditional methods) to stop it.  

A lot of what my mother read up on said that cancer has a lot to do with low PH levels within the body. Hence, she started drinking only alkaline water.

Alkaline water has a higher PH level (typically 8 or 9) than regular water (typically 7) therefore it is believed that drinking the water can neutralize the PH levels within the body. For those of you that aren’t familiar with PH levels, the normal or “good” PH level for the human body is normally a little above 7. If your PH level gets too high or too low it can cause serious health issues (i.e. cancer).

There have not been many scientific studies done to back the idea that alkaline water neutralizes PH levels, so some may say it is a controversial topic. However, a lot of the foods/drinks we consume everyday have very high acidic levels of which can affect our PH levels if consumed too often. Some of the acidic foods & drinks include grains, sugars, salt, fish, processed food, fruits, coffee, beer, and alcohol. 

It pays to be conscious of the acidic things we are putting into our body and to be aware of where our PH level are at. In doing so we can help to prevent diseases and other life threatening health issues. 

The way I began paying attention to my PH levels is by buying testing strips. You can buy them anywhere from Amazon to your local CVS. I usually test my PH levels once or twice a week by either placing a testing strip in my mouth or peeing (yes, I said peeing) on it. If you test it both ways you're more likely to get a better idea of your PH level. In addition, I went and bought an alkaline filter water pitcher. I drink our of it everyday and it is way more cheaper and earth friendly than buying alkaline water jugs every week. I also like drinking out of a filter from home rather than buying water bottles because many chemicals are added to water on the market to get you to drink more. So, take the time to do some research and pay attention to your PH levels because it might just save your life one day.

Shelby MatsonComment