6 Reasons Why You Need Our Essential Oil Blends


1. They Work

Our blends contain essential oils in them that are derived from plants (which have healing properties) just like pharmaceutical medicines on the market today. When the essential oils touch your skin they are absorbed through your hair follicles and sweat glands entering your body. The properties inside them then go to work to benefit you in a number of ways from kill bacteria to strengthening the body's immune system to increasing moods. Each oil has different beneficial properties inside of it (which are listed on our website). When several oils are combined in one blend they create a pain fighting mixture.

2. You Can Customize Our Blends to Suit Your Needs

We offer a wide range of essential oils sourced directly from Illinois. With the BYO Oil Blend you can pick up to 4 oils to create your own mixture at no extra cost. The blend is then mail directly to you with your own custom made title on the bottle. There is no limit to how many mixtures you can make, so the possibilities are endless.

3. They Last Several Months

The Oil Blends may look small, but they contain enough oil to last up to several months. Obviously how much you use them can vary the time length, however there is guaranteed no rush to buy a new bottle once you've ordered your first one.

4. They Are Easy to Take Anywhere

Our Essential Oil Blends are about the size of an average hand palm. That means that they are easy to take anywhere. You can put them in your pocket, a purse, or even your wallet. It is a lot easier to carry them with you than it is to carry prescription medication because they don't clink around in plastic containers when you move. If you tend to get a lot of headaches or anxiety this can be beneficial for you.

5. Our Oil Blends Are Wallet Friendly

While it can cost anywhere from 12 to 28 dollars for one essential oil, our blends cost only 12 dollars and they contain 3-4 oils in them. You will save so much time and money if you use our hand made blends or build your own blend from our selection. Each blend costs the same amount, so you don't have to factor money into the equation when you buy from us. Just simple, quality, customizable, affordable blends.


Head to our website and check them out for yourself at https://designsofsanctuary.com/essential-oil-blends/