5 Methods To Reducing Your Household's Waste


We all know that human waste has taken a huge toll on wildlife from the seas to the forests. (Yes, we've seen the YouTube videos too). That is why we have looked for ways to help you reduce your household's waste.

1. Buy in bulk

When shopping for food items search for bigger single containers rather then multiple small ones. Bigger packages are made up of less material therefore they produce less waste. However, if you prefer individual packages you can split up the food contents into smaller reusable containers when you get home. Its simple math. This method reduces for carbon footprint and saves you money! Who could ask for a better deal than that?

2. Buy reusable items

Instead of using disposable cups, straws, and containers, you can use reusable ones. There is an abundance of reusable items on the market from zip lock bags to coffee mugs to batteries. They will save space in your garbage and minimize your carbon footprint all in one!

3. Use reusable shopping bags

How many times have you seemed to have way too many plastic shopping bags? Ever thrown a bunch of them away? All plastic shopping bags do is multiply. That is why it is both smarter and safer to use reusable shopping bags. They only cost anywhere from a few cents to three dollars and come in all sorts of fun designs.

4. Compost food

Composting is both smart and efficient. By keeping a compost pile in your backyard and adding food scraps to it every so often you can keep the scraps out of the landfill while also adding nutrients to your yard!

5. Recycle

Recycling is by far the most popular way to reduce your household waste. Try adding an extra garbage can to your kitchen and marking it as recycle. You can add items like glass, plastic, paper, cans and cardboard to it and take it to your local recycling facility. Most of the time they’ll offer cash for whatever recyclable items you bring!