How to Create Your Own Meditation Space


Whether you’re an active meditator or just looking to get into meditation it’s always a great idea to incorporate a space in your home to relax, focus, and recharge. Here are a few guidelines to follow when styling your own meditation space. Have fun!

Choose or create an area with a lot of greenery

Nature has a huge impact on wellbeing. It can reduce stress, lift moods, and physically heal the body. You can use a space that has window facing out to lush greenery. However, if there is no such space like that in your home, you can incorporate indoor plants into the space to get the same effect.

Combine a mat, cushion, and pillows

Sitting on the floor for long periods of time can begin to feel uncomfortable. The last thing you want is for that to interfere with your mediation. Include a mat and/or a few pillows into the space to make it feel comfortable. Remember not to go overboard with the pillows as you don't want the space to feel cramped or cluttered.

Select light or pastel colors

Strong, bold colors tend to overwhelm us. You don't want to feel overwhelmed or stressed while meditating, so keep the colors light and soft. Pastel colors will help you relax and drift off into the meditation for a soothing effect.

Softly light the space

Dark light can feel uncomfortable or even interfere with meditation. Its is better to softly light the space so it feel relaxing. Try incorporating sheer curtains, dim lights, or a salt rock lamp into the space.

Invest in a speaker

Music is scientifically proven to have positive effects on the brain. Loud, hard music can amp up your mood while soft, light music can tone you down. Find some soft mediation music to play on a speaker in the space to relax you.

Add scents

While some may be sensitive to smells, it may be a good idea to incorporating soft smelling incense sticks or essential oils into your mediation space. Good smells can lift your mood while other ones can relax you. This is something that you can control because there is a wide range of scents you can use.

Open a window or two

A cool breeze is always great while meditating. It bring the out doors in and gives you a fresh feeling while you relax into the moment. Try choosing a space with a window and slightly open it while meditating.


We always love seeing feedback, so if you used this article to create a meditation space in your home or if you already have a meditating space then go ahead and show us some pictures in the comments below!