4 Steps To Building A Pet Space In Your Home


We all know our pets tend to take on  role in the family too. While it is nice to think they can lounge wherever they please in the home and feel comfortable, it is nice to create a little space that they can call their own. Here are 4 steps to building a pet space in your home.

Find the Perfect Space

Many pets, such as dogs, like to be close to their owners in order to feel included while other pets, such as cats, prefer their distance where they can climb and lounge around. No matter what pet you have it is imperative that you consider their preferences while choosing where to place their space. Consider putting a dog space in the room the family gathers in the most (maybe the living room) and place the cat space along a wall or on a window sill.

Build a Structure

Building a structure for your pets space is a great way to enclose any blankets or toys in one area while molding the area into your existing room décor. Maybe your room has a color scheme of black, gold, and white. You might want to consider building a doggy play pen with white painted wood. You can also incorporate a cat bed that matches the pillows.

Add a Blanket or Cushion

We all know that pets love to get cozy just like we do. Integrating blankets and/or cushions into their space makes for a nap area and captures their pheromones so they'll feel right at home the moment they step foot into their little nook.  

Throw in Some Toys

Never underestimate to importance of a good toy. Pets get bored just like we do, so find a away to throw some fun into the pet space. They'll be more inclined to stay in there longer and love it that much more.