Extensive Package

Extensive Package



  • Your own personal designer who will work directly with you on a daily basis

  • A concept board that represents the vision for your dream room

    What is a concept board?

    A concept board is a document containing images + labels that represent what your room will look like. It is meant to help you understand the overall feeling or concept that your designer has in mind for your project.

  • A forty five minute video call with your personal designer to review your concept board, make changes to it if needed + review your budget.

  • A 3D final design of your exact room decorated exactly how you’ve always imagined it to look.

  • A floor plan so you can see exactly where each item is placed in the room

  • A product reference sheet so you can bring your design to life!

    What is a product reference sheet?

    A product reference sheet is a itemized list of each product placed in your room as well as it’s price + a link on where to find it.

    By the way… All of the items will fit within your budget.

  • Unlimited 3D room design revisions free of charge so can truly have your dream design

  • Continued helped from your personal designer as your purchase your items

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